Cern Troubleshooting

When using NoScript Firefox Extension the cern login page does not work as expected and an Cross Side Scripting attach is detected, NoScript stops working...

There is a workaround provided at the Cern TWiki, just found it using google in an Cern Computing Newsletter, seems that more people than me have the same problem;)

PS: I hate being forced to use IE;)

Another helpful thread is on how to setup a Scientific Linux on a VMWare...
Still there are not many details written, will be added.

Useful troubleshooting link for VMWare:

The tool fdisk is in the folder /sbin, which can be added to the path using
To add it to the path permanently, just add the command to the .bash_profile file.

A document how to move /home and etc. to another hd can be found here:

When installing XDAQ and TS, use only versions that fit together, eg. XDAQ 7 and TS1.7...

When using CVS to checkin files and it takes quite long, just disable the Windows Firewall!

VMWare tools may have to be reinstalled when the VM is copied to another computer..
Do it with /usr/bin/

Getting a CVS update to the Testcrate:
Connect to lxplus...
connect from there to cmsusr1 and do a kdestroy (as username)...
After that do the xsudo to be gtts then do kinit username@CERN.CH ...
Now use CVS

In new versions of VMWare, the shared folders changed from \\.host\\ to \\vmware-host\! (for windows systems)