Useful android apps

To test:

I use the following apps:

Öffi from Andreas Schildbach - Very useful app for public transport in Austria, Germany
SlideIt: Keyboard i use - intelligent word recognition with sliding over keys
AK Notepad, Inkpad: For taking notes
Aldiko, FBReader: Ebook reader
APKtor: Software for alternate markets - repository:
AppBrain Market: Proposals for good apps
AroundMe: Proposals for bars, restaurants in the vicinity
Astrid: Personal Task manager
Astro: Android File, Process and Application manager
Barcoder Scanner, Barcoo: Recognize barcodes and find product info
Better Terminal Emulator: Android terminal emulator
Bubble: Air lever
C:geo: Best Geocaching client
Cab4Me: Cabs in the vicinity
ConnectBot: SSh client
ConvertPad: Unit converter
Dolphin HD: Browser
Fancy Widget: Clock widget (sense replacement)
Formulas Lite: Calculator, formulas, conversion
Google Goggles: Image recognition
Google SkyMap: Which constellation is that?
GPSies: For exchanging gps routes
K-9 Mail
Maildroid: My favourite mail app
Launcher Pro: One of the best android launchers
Meridian, MortPlayer: Music player
MySettings: Easily switch phone options
Navigation: See compass
PDF Viewer
Qype: like AroundMe
RealRoamingAlert: Kills the internet connection, if roaming is detected (useful for bob)
RemoteSMS: Write a sms on the pc, send via phone
Root Explorer: Has access to all folders
Sanfter Wecker (Gentle alarm): Guter android wecker
Schlips & Kragen: How to bind a tie
StartupAuditor: Kills apps after restart
yxflash/yxplayer: Video player
Ad blocker for rooted phones: AdAway, Adfree android
Animated Weather
Power Controls
Wecker Xtreme

Try out these nice Android apps:

Barnacle Wifi Tether: Can create a wifi access point with your android phone! (root required) - Android 2.2 Tethering works better
Penetrate: Calculates standard passwords for a set of known Wifi Routers -
SwiFTP Server: Opens an ftp server on your phone
SlideIt, Shapewriter, Swype: three interesting Keyboard replacements
WiFi Keyboard: Use your pc keyboard for typing on your phone - through a Wifi web interface
Decibel: Check the loudness level of your environment with the phone's mic