Interesting Latex Packets

By default, in an inline equation, the indices of a sum are placed besides the sum.
This can be changed by using the \limit command!

Babel packet:
Supports multiple languages in a latex document.

Uses english as default language and the new german grammar as secondary language.

Use \selectlanguage{language} to switch between languages.

Commands can distinguish between languages using
\iflanguage{ngerman}{Zitiert auf}{cited on}

The hyperrefs package can be used to create bookmarks in pdfs and also some other neat stuff like clickable links (depending on the options).

To format units and numbers correctly, the siunitx package is useful!
Command \SI{number}{unit} for example.

The listings package is very useful for including source code into latex documents.
It has built in syntax highlighting for various programming languages!

csquotes packages is used for confortable citations!

The babelbib language offers multilangual bibliography...
I use the following commands:

The bibliographystyle controls the way the bibliography looks. ISBN number is included in the style used above.

Two packages for coders:
xargs - Enables functions to have more than one optional arguments/default parameters.
ifthen - use if then style syntax for condition testing