Davical, Google Calender and Mozilla Lightning Troubles

During testing of the Davical Calender Server i sometimes got a modification
failed error when trying to change Events that have been imported to Davical
via .ics files which originated from Google calender.

I analysed the access logs of the webserver which resulted from the Mozilla Lightning requests and found out that the PUT request
PUT /davical/caldav.php/someting/home/967096cd-c1a6-40e2-930c-04f328cfcc45/test@gmail.com.ics
contained a slash, that was originating from the UID in those specific events.

The Problem is, that the Gmail Calender exports the UID like:

When the slashes and the email adress is removed, after reimporting the .ics files,
the error is fixed.

I also was able to fix a problem that i know for quite some time when working with the newest Mozilla Lightning beta and some .ics files i had on a ftp-server for synchronization.

The lightning password dialog popped up multiple times, although the password for the ftp server had been saved in the password manager. Because i was not able to find any solution for this problem earlyer, i did switch to mozilla sunbird, which - although being based on similar code, did not have this problem.

After a lot of internet research i found a solution to the problem. Previously i used the url: ftp://username@server.com:port/calendar.ics
Obviously the password manager or lightning does not like this url scheme and
should be used instead!

That was simple solution for a very annoying problem:)