Samba compilation problem

Since a serious bug has been found in samba recently, i had to compile samba server
on my linkstation.

I downloaded the latest version, the first issue was which source folder i had to use, either source3 or source4, it turned out to be source3 (source4 seems to be a new, experimental version).

Since i wanted to install to the local folders, i proceeded like for rtorrent with:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
make && make install

The second problem i encountered after the build, after i ran smbd -V to check the version, the libraries
could not be found (the new smbd is in /usr/local/sbin).
New libraries are created in the folder /usr/local/lib.

I first wanted to create some symlinks, because the above folder is not in the path, but then i found the better solution:

Run ldconfig to regenerate the list of shared libraries found by

The last thing that had to be done, was modify all references to the old binary path in the file /etc/init.d/samba to the new location, in order for the samba deamon to start correctly at bootup.