Rtorrent does not accept (self signed) server certificates, where the certificate hostname does not match the site hostname.
The following error will probably be shown:
[SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK]

rtorrent currently has no option to disable the host checking of certificates, so a small line of code has to be added to the curl_get.cc file (which can be found in /rtorrent/src/core folder)...

After the line
curl_easy_setopt(m_handle, CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS, (long)5);

add the following code
curl_easy_setopt(m_handle, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, (long)0);

Whenever you use boost xml_oarchive, be careful that the closing archive xml tag is written whenever the archive gets destructed!

Therefore, the following won't work:

    std::string dumpXML()
        std::stringstream stringstr_1;
        boost::archive::xml_oarchive xml_output_arch(stringstr);

        AnyClass& custom_data = m_custom;
        xml_output_arch  BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(custom_data);

        return stringstr_1.str();

During testing of the Davical Calender Server i sometimes got a modification
failed error when trying to change Events that have been imported to Davical
via .ics files which originated from Google calender.

I analysed the access logs of the webserver which resulted from the Mozilla Lightning requests and found out that the PUT request
PUT /davical/caldav.php/someting/home/967096cd-c1a6-40e2-930c-04f328cfcc45/test@gmail.com.ics
contained a slash, that was originating from the UID in those specific events.

When using fail2ban with iptables, it is possible that errors occur when fail2ban tries to load the iptable chains...

Error messages are similar to the following:
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dports smtp -j fail2ban-rulename returned 400

The error codes can have different values like 200, 100, 400.
It seems to be a timing error with iptables.

A fix can be added to the /usr/bin/fail2ban-client python application:

Add the line

to the function
def __processCmd(self, cmd, showRet = True):
beautifier = Beautifier() for c in cmd:

By default, in an inline equation, the indices of a sum are placed besides the sum.
This can be changed by using the \limit command!

Babel packet:
Supports multiple languages in a latex document.

Uses english as default language and the new german grammar as secondary language.

Use \selectlanguage{language} to switch between languages.

Commands can distinguish between languages using
\iflanguage{ngerman}{Zitiert auf}{cited on}

SumatraPDF supports forward and inverse search when using WinEdt6 or TexnicCenter Latex Editors...

Please note that all paths have to be changed to suit your needs!

Get a modified Sumatra Version here:

It allows to specify the inverse search command!
This was the only way, to make inverse search working for me with WinEdt.

Following inverse search commands are used:

"C:\Software\Office-Bildbearbeitung\Latex\WinEdt6\winedt.exe" "[Open(|%f|);SelPar(%l,8)]"


To test:

I use the following apps:

Öffi from Andreas Schildbach - Very useful app for public transport in Austria, Germany
SlideIt: Keyboard i use - intelligent word recognition with sliding over keys
AK Notepad, Inkpad: For taking notes
Aldiko, FBReader: Ebook reader
APKtor: Software for alternate markets - repository: repo.blackdroid.net
AppBrain Market: Proposals for good apps
AroundMe: Proposals for bars, restaurants in the vicinity
Astrid: Personal Task manager
Astro: Android File, Process and Application manager

If you are familiar with debugging under Windows, you may notice that gdb under linux has AT&T instead of intel asm syntax.

This can be changed using the command in gdb:

set disassembly-flavor intel

If you want to compile a c program to intel asm code, you can use the following syntax:

gcc test.c -S -o test.s -masm=intel

The -S switch generates assembly code instead of an executable.
To compile the code to an executable later on, run

gcc -gstabs test.s -o test

The gstabs switch is used to include debug symbols.

To turn off address space layout randomization use

When using Latex under Windows, TeXnicCenter and Miktex are my favorites at the moment. Although i consider Foxit PDF Reader a very good alternative instead of Acrobat Reader, Sumatra PDF supports some very neat features which are very useful when writing Latex Documents! When you click on a line in TexnicCenter, Sumatra jumps to the corresponding line in the PDF and vice versa (called forward/inverse-search).

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